McMurry & Company, PLLC, is a certified public accounting firm providing services to small businesses and individuals in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have extensive experience with for-profit entities in industries including professional services businesses, real estate related businesses, restaurants, entertainment, retail, and manufacturing. Though a relatively small firm, our professional staff have decades of depth and the range of expertise to meet each of our client’s unique challenges.


Martha Dilworth McMurry founded our firm in 1983 with the aim to provide exceptional accounting services in an organization that honors work/life balance. For decades, that vision attracted some of the area’s leading CPAs—many of whom had originally worked with national or regional firms. Her son, Ben F. McMurry IV, committed to the CPA firm in 2002 after years of denying that he really wanted to be an accountant when he grew up. Ben has been the managing member for the firm since 2010, continuing the focus on flexibility for our staff members and hands-on service to our clients. Because we don’t have a lot of turnover in our staff or our clients, we form working relationships that feel like family. In recent years, we have advised on the sale of businesses that we helped to organize 30 years ago.


We provide our clients with high-quality accounting and tax services that maximize after-tax profits through appropriate entity selection and properly structured transaction planning. We are a “by the book” firm. We are not aggressive in our tax planning or preparation and our clients tend to share that philosophy.